Each year when February arrives, my mind travels back to 1965, the year my brother was ordained a Catholic priest. In an Irish Catholic family, especially back then, having a priest in the family was (and still is) a great honor. My mom and dad were thrilled and proud as their many siblings, families and friends attended the ceremony and his first Mass the next day.
Little did we know as our rather large extended family gathered from all over the country that just two weeks later, I would be sitting with my parents and sister at an ICU waiting for a surgeon to tell us whether my brother Jim would survive surgery and melanoma, a cancer discovered just days before his ordination. He was 28 years old. As I sat in that waiting room, I remember thinking how all of us were so happy and excited just a few days before and now we did not know if Jim would live through the surgery let alone survive cancer. Treatment for cancer in 1965 was pretty limited compared to what it is now.


A Look at Reflections

Welcome to my blog. Reflections, was the name of the weekly column I wrote for sixteen years for three different newspapers. That chapter behind me, this new version of Reflections will run here with hopes that, like my columns over the years, each post will lead you to reflect, mull,  ponder and perhaps occasionally use to enhance your life. I hope you will read my first post, From Reeling to Healing.
Early in my journey through the grief of losing my husband Bill, I likened the journey through grief to walking a labyrinth. A labyrinth is used for meditation and reflecting. It is a circular but single path taking those who walk it to the circle's center. The path goes first in one direction, then another opposite direction. It goes around, back and forth, in towards the center and back out to the edge several times ultimately ending in the center, a place of enlightenment and peace. Like grief the journey is far from a straight line and often feels as if we are going nowhere or repeating our steps.


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