Some people consider Mother's Day  to be just another of Hallmark's reasons to sell cards or for the restaurants and florists to make a lot of money. Others find it to be a joyous day on which they remember and cherish their moms. However, for many people of all ages, the day comes clothed in pain and loss, grief and sadness. This is especially true for those mothers who lost a baby last month or twenty years ago and those who have lost a child of five or fifty-five. Moms grieve those losses forever and never forget. There are adults whose mothers were incapable of loving anyone, often because they were never loved themselves. These mothers may have been abusive or drug addicts or just walked away.  As a therapist I have known many adult women estranged from their children and who long for their love and presence. I have spent a good amount of time in my professional life working with children who were abused and neglected and know what it is like to see an incarcerated 6 year old in therapy working through, as best s/he can, the pain his /hermother inflicted on him/her. I have seen many women in treatment over the years whose grief focused on their mothers for many different reasons. And finally there are those women who always wanted to be mothers but life took them down different paths. I think of them because I was one of those women.


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