An Easter poem to share with you...
           death birthed life
           defeat rendered triumph
           doubt begat belief
           darkness became light
           fear was replaced by trust
            falseness yielded to truth

           valleys push up mountains
           storms succumb to calm
           barren twigs bear blossoms
           silence is broken by birdsong
           revenge is displaced by forgiveness
           hatred crumbles before love

           may the undaunted easter
           transformation be manifest
           in the love i give to you
           this day and always

                          bill hunt  15 april 2001


Anne Gorman
04/19/2014 11:14am

What is there to say, but ~ Beautiful. You soul shines through. Thinking of you as you remember what Holy Saturday means to you.

Mary Friedel-Hunt
04/19/2014 4:33pm

Thank you, Anne.

Kay Oxford
04/19/2014 9:45pm

Bill was quite the poet! Beautiful, thank you for sharing it! Easter has always had the most significance to me for what Christianity means to me.

04/19/2014 9:50pm

Oh, Mary,thank you for sharing Bill's beautiful poem. Reminds me of John Donne.

Perfect for the day, and for your special days. Much Love

04/18/2016 3:34am

Hi Mary that’s a beautiful Easter poem. Easter is always special to me. I had a good time reading it and enjoyed a lot. Bill has written wonderfully it easy to read and understand. This show the pour soul of bill in writing this poem.


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