WisdomBridge offers educational programs that seek to synthesize the wisdom from traditional cultures with the insights and knowledge gathered from western spiritual, poetic and psychological perspectives. Our intention is to recover the indigenous soul, what Jung called the unforgotten wisdom that lies at the core of our psyches.
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Actually, sometimes I didn’t understand people who are doubting for what happened to their lives. If they experienced happiness and think that is everlasting happiness they never question our creator. But when they experienced sorrow and pain that’s the right time for them to ask WHY? Before I didn’t understand them, but when I in that situation, I also guilty by asking God why those things happened to me to think that I and my family obey Him. I repent to God and feel sorry for what I act. If we realize we are all going and experiencing death, that’s our right time. In C.S Lewis his wife ends up with that and nothing more. So all of us need to understand that if we are in that situation despite of asking God, let us say.. God gives me strength to carry this cross.

10/27/2016 3:05am

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