Ira Byock, MD, one of the foremost palliative-care physicians in the country, argues that how we die is among the biggest national crises facing us today. Byock is a doctor on the front lines of hospital care illuminates one of the most important and controversial ethical issues of our time.

The Best Care Possible by Ira Byock MD

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12/22/2014 7:13am

Ira Byock's The Best Care Possible: A Physician's Quest to Transform Care Through the End of Life is a compilation of talks regarding critical issues that cannot be ignored. It is so heartwarming that is not intended for everyone. How I wish I can send this copy to Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter, just kidding! Definitely, I must warn every curious reader that the book involves bravery. The author is a compelling writer slash as medical professional. And I salute him for penning it exquisitely and outstandingly.

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04/14/2015 5:18am

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10/18/2015 12:44am

The government should give the quality education to the poor families children are because then the country become happy and developed. The equality in the country is very important because then the country become peaceful.

03/18/2016 2:26am

It is really an important issue and people should take it seriously because this kind of issue really affects everyone!


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